On April 21, 2020, Boston Toastmasters members voted to approve the following proposal.

Proposal: Covid19 Dues Relief

As a result of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus this year, Boston Toastmasters is no longer meeting at the Old South Church. Rental space represents a significant portion of Boston Toastmasters club expenses, and the current dues rate takes this into account (raised from $54 when we had no room rental costs). The club is currently operating at a healthy surplus and does not foresee significant expenses arising from the covid-19 pandemic. In light of this and the financial impact current events have had on our membership, the Executive Board of Boston Toastmasters proposes the following:

  • Reduce the dues rate for the April 1, 2020 – Sept 30 2020 term from $75 to $54.
  • Reduce the club new member fee from $20 to $10, resulting in a reduction of the overall new member fee from $40 to $30. ($20 fee for TM + $10 for the club)

The Executive Board will also take the following action:

  • Treasurer will refund $21 to members in good standing who have already paid for the term, either in 2020 or previously as part of a 1-year renewal.
  • 2020-21 Executive Board will re-evaluate in August 2020 and either allow dues to revert to “normal” levels or hold a club vote to reduce dues rate again for the following term.

Use the button below to renew your dues for the April 2020-Sept 2020 term only. If you don’t see a button, the dues are no longer in effect and the regular rate applies.