Can I visit without joining? What does it cost to visit? When do you meet?

All prospective members can visit our club at any of our meetings as a guest. No RSVP is required. We meet every week on Tuesday at 6:15. Please try to arrive around 6:00 so you have time to settle in. Once you join, you can also attend our Speech Lab meet-ups on Thursdays and Saturdays, along with many other members-only benefits. All guests can participate in the “Table Topics” section of the meeting.

Are you a religious organization?

No. While The Old South Church generously provides us with a meeting space, we are not otherwise affiliated with the church. We are a general community club, and we welcome everyone. Although it is possible for members to discuss any topic (including matters of faith) in their speeches, we find that members are usually sensitive to the diverse backgrounds of their peers. Pledging to respect their fellow members is one of the obligations we all have as Toastmasters.

Are you a BU club? Do I need to be a BU student?

No. While Boston University provided us with a meeting space for many years, we were not otherwise affiliated with the university. We are a general community club, not a college club. Some of our members are BU students and staff, but most are not–and you do not need to be a BU student to visit or join Boston Toastmasters.

I want to join! Where do I go from here?

Once you decide that you want to join, follow this PayPal link to sign up. Be aware that once your membership has been accepted (usually within 24 hours of submitting an application and dues), your dues are not refundable. We are happy to transfer your membership to any of the thousands of Toastmasters clubs throughout the world.

I want to get involved with Toastmasters but I have a class/work/prior commitment on Tuesday nights. What are my options?

There are many, many Toastmasters clubs in the greater Boston area! Use the search options on the Find-a-Club tool on Toastmasters International’s website to narrow your search to community clubs that meet on a suitable day or time for you. One club that you might like is Speak Up Cambridge. They meet twice a month on Wednesday evenings at Lesley University in Porter Square, steps from the Red Line. They have a great “workshop-style” environment that is perfect for nervous speakers or someone looking for a more interactive Toastmasters club.

Why do I see different amounts for dues? What is the difference between these dues options?

The Toastmasters International dues system is made up of two 6-month terms that begin on April 1st and October 1st of a given year. You can join Boston Toastmasters at any time, but in order to sync with the Toastmasters International dues system, your dues will vary from month to month. We charge the prorated remainder of the current 6-month term as well as the following term, so you might pay for as little 7 months of dues ($127.50) or as much as 1 year of membership dues ($190.00) or some amount in between. Regardless of when you join, you still pay the same amount per month of membership–and you never pay for the months before you join! After your initial membership, you will have the option to renew in 6-month increments at $75. Here is a dues table to show you how much you would owe:

Join Month Membership Expires on Cost
January Sept 30 same year $152.50
February Sept 30 same year $140.00
March Sept 30 same year $127.50
April March 31 following year $190.00
May March 31 following year $177.50
June March 31 following year $165.00
July March 31 following year $152.50
August March 31 following year $140.00
September March 31 following year $127.50
October Sept 30 following year $190.00
November Sept 30 following year $177.50
December Sept 30 following year $165.00

This single fee covers your dues for our club, dues for Toastmasters International, and both the Competent Communicator manual and the Competent Leadership manual, or one Pathways Path, if you join after May 2018. If you are transferring from another club and already have these materials, you can continue to use them. Just let us know when you apply to join and we will give you a $20 discount on your dues.

Competent Communicator manual?

For members joining before May 15, 2018, the core of the Toastmasters Program is a series of 10 speech projects in the Competent Communicator manual. Each project helps you develop a specific public speaking skill, such as organizing your content, using your body effectively in the speech, or speaking with a specific purpose. We recommend setting a goal of giving one speech per month, which will let you finish the series of 10 speeches within a calendar year while still having a flexible schedule.

Pathways Path?

Toastmasters is in the process of introducing a new approach to its content. Boston Toastmasters successfully launched Pathways on May 15, 2018. All new members will now use Pathways for their Toastmasters projects. After you join, you will be matched to a “path” of projects in a modernized learning experience that better focuses on their personalized goals. You can read more about Pathways on the Toastmasters International website.

How can I pay dues? Is Paypal my only option?

We offer two places to pay for membership:

  • Online – You can pay dues online with Paypal
  • At a Meeting, you can pay with credit or debit card (we use Square) or by personal check or money order made out to “Boston Toastmasters”. For your protection, our club does not accept cash payments for dues.

Once I pay dues, am I a member?

In order for your membership to be valid, we need you to have done all of these things:

  1. Visit a Toastmasters meeting at least once.
  2. Complete an application, including your mailing address, email address, signature on the back of the application. If you are transferring, let us know if you need new books. Also, please provide your member number and/or information about your old club and whether you are currently a member in good standing or not.
  3. Pay your dues with one of the methods above.

Once you are successfully added to the club, you will receive a welcome email from our VP of membership, an email from Toastmasters International, and login credentials for Boston Toastmasters’ members-only portal, Easy-Speak. Your books will arrive in 3-5 weeks, but we attach a copy of the first project in PDF form to your welcome email so you can get started right away. After that, email us to schedule your first speech and be matched with a mentor (if you want). If you are ready and space allows, you can be speaking as soon as the following week!