This page was set up to explain the Race to CC contest and host planning aids for it. We hope it’s useful to you.


Contest Info


Race to CC Contest

Finish your Competent Communicator Book by May and win a prize!

One day, the Boston Toastmasters officers were sitting around,talking about how people get stuck on their 3rd speech…and again around their 5th speech. If only there was some way to push Toastmasters speeches to the front of our everyday to-do lists.

“How about dinner on Toastmasters?” one of us proposed, and an idea was born.

Here’s how it works:

You have until May 28 to finish your 10 speeches.  The first 5 Boston Toastmasters in good standing to complete them will get a $50 restaurant meal with the Toastmasters Officers and a $50 gift card.

But it doesn’t end there! The following 5 people to complete their CC will ALSO receive giftcards for $50.

The next 10 people will receive $20 gift cards

You have 5 months, but the race starts this Tuesday, Jan 29, so email Kiera today to schedule that next speech of yours.



Race to CC Planning Calendar – hang on your fridge or wherever to help you plan your remaining speeches.

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