2015-2016 Leadership Team

Boston Toastmasters President

Ally Dunn

Ally Dunn | President

Ally joined Toastmasters at the beginning of 2015 with the goal of advancing her public speaking skills in an encouraging and supportive environment. While striving to achieve this goal, she has witnessed Boston Toastmasters make a positive impact on the lives of each and every member. She has been particularly impressed to see that Boston Toastmasters not only fosters enhanced public speaking and leadership skills but also cultivates lasting friendships and support structures among members.

As this year’s club President, she aims to inspire others to achieve both personal and professional success through improved public speaking skills, strengthened leadership skills, and increased overall confidence. She truly believes that the positive environment of Boston Toastmasters allows club members to thrive and grow to become effective leaders and skilled communicators. She is grateful for the unique experience of being a part of this club and is excited to inspire others to join and grow with us!

Boston Toastmasters VP of Education

Brett Burdick

Brett Burdick | Vice President Education

Brett is a 2nd-generation Toastmaster who joined Boston Toastmasters in July 2013. In his first year at Boston Toastmasters, he completed the Competent Communicator manual, won both the club Humorous and International Speech contests along with the Area 83 International Speech Contest, and served as a mentor for 6 members.

As VP of Education, Brett’s encouraging persistence and enthusiasm inspired 88 different speakers to give over 250 unique speeches in the 2014-2015 Toastmasters year. He helped lead the club to a record 16 awards for members, including 13 new CCs. As a result, Boston Toastmasters earned the President’s Distinguished Award from Toastmasters International for the first time in its 45-year history! Brett looks to continue strengthening the mentoring program and facilitating a professional yet energetic atmosphere. In his free time, Brett writes and performs sketch comedy at ImprovBoston with his group, Accidental Awkwardness, and spends his other free time with his merry band of mischievous yet whimsical ponies.

Boston Toastmasters VP of Membership

Alon Landa

Alon Landa | Vice President Membership

(please read while doing jazz hands, it reads better that way)

Alon joined Toastmasters in October of 2014 in hopes of improving his public speaking and confidence in front of large audiences. He never expected the warmth and support he’s received to date, which makes him eager to attend every meeting and pay it forward. Outside of Toastmasters Alon works for a medical device company that makes a non-invasive glucometer (hint: think diabetics won’t have to prick their fingers anymore). He’s also a proud father and husband who thinks that his speeches revolve too much around his family. As the VP of Membership, Alon will do everything possible to ensure that new members feel as welcome as he did when he joined the Boston Toastmasters family.

Boston Toastmasters Sergeant-at-Arms

Kiera Miner

Kiera Miner | Secretary

Kiera was the 2012-2013 Boston Toastmasters President and has continued to been a member of our leadership team since then. When she joined Boston Toastmasters, to foster her skill and confidence in her public speaking abilities, she never expected to be president. She found this experience immensely rewarding. It has always been her dream to speak before and motivate others. Boston Toastmasters allows her a great opportunity to hone her craft in front of an audience while at the same time helping other members to develop as better public speakers. She loves inspiring people to find the confidence and comfort needed to speak in front of an audience.

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Boston Toastmasters Treasurer

Jesse Welty

Jesse Welty | Treasurer

Although he is a Southern transplant in New England, Jesse spent much of his adult life living in Europe and Asia. In fact, it was in Japan that he first learned about Toastmasters International. Creating positive interaction between people from different cultures is a cause that Jesse cares deeply about. In his work life, he has collaborated with authors, publishers, educational institutions, and nonprofits with similar ideals.

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Boston Toastmasters Sergeant-at-Arms

David Zheng

David Zheng | Sergeant-at-Arms

Having been an introverted person and having a fear of public speaking since his childhood, David joined Toastmasters in 2014 to try to overcome fear and develop his social skills. Knowing that the only way to overcome a fear is to face it, David is able to push himself to step out of his comfort zone, one small step at a time. During his time at Toastmasters, David has been able to take different roles and assist other Toastmasters officers in running meetings. As a result, he has gained a tremendous amount of confidence during his short journey with Toastmasters. Being grateful for what Toastmaster has brought to him, David decided to take the Sergeant-at-Arms role to get more involved with the club.

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Photo credits: Peter Kuhn, Diane Sperandio

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