Meeting Roles Toolkit

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* Great first role!

The Timer is responsible for timing items in the meeting, and signaling at appropriate points.

One of the skills in speech training is expressing oneself within a specific time. The Timer helps those at the meeting practice this.

General Evaluator

Great for a skilled member

The General Evaluator leads the Speech Evaluators but is also an evaluator of everything that takes place throughout the meeting.


Great for a skilled member

Being Grammarian is an exercise in improving your listening skills.
You have two basic responsibilities:
1. to comment on the positive and negative uses of English during the meeting;
2. to introduce a new word and explain the correct use of it;

All of these are designed to help your fellow members improve their use of language.


* Great first role!

The main duty of the Ah Counter is to note words and sounds used as a ‘crutch’ or pause filler by anyone who speaks during the meeting.