Cover of A Toastmasters Wears Many Hats Pamphlet

If you are new to Toastmasters, or just want to review, Take a look at this resource, A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats. It describes the meeting roles and gives you guidelines on how to prepare for and execute them.

Meeting Roles Toolkit

Click “Get Form” under your role to access a fillable spreadsheet for your records.


* Great first role!

The Timer is responsible for timing items in the meeting, and signaling at appropriate points.

One of the skills in speech training is expressing oneself within a specific time. The Timer helps those at the meeting practice this.

General Evaluator

Great for a skilled member

The General Evaluator leads the Speech Evaluators but is also an evaluator of everything that takes place throughout the meeting.


Great for a skilled member

Being Grammarian is an exercise in improving your listening skills.
You have two basic responsibilities:
1. to comment on the positive and negative uses of English during the meeting;
2. to introduce a new word and explain the correct use of it;

All of these are designed to help your fellow members improve their use of language.


* Great first role!

The main duty of the Ah Counter is to note words and sounds used as a ‘crutch’ or pause filler by anyone who speaks during the meeting.