2017-2018 Leadership Team

Boston Toastmasters President
Brittney Exline

Brittney Exline – President

Brittney is a longtime Toastmaster who joined BTM when she moved to the city. She is known for supplying the club with baked treats that are as varied as they are delicious, making her the unofficial (but undisputed) Snackmaster for 2017-18.

Contact: [email protected]

Boston Toastmasters Vice President of Education
Anna Mandell

Anna Mandell – Vice President of Education

Anna began her venture with Toastmasters as the chartering Vice President of Education for Northeastern University’s Club in 2011. As she believes in leading by example within her first 9 months, she competed in the International Speech Competition and advanced to the Division Level. Northeastern’s Club now one of the most successful clubs in the area.

In 2012 and 2013, Anna spent some time visiting various clubs in Europe on her journey abroad. There she competed in the International Speech Competition in French and in English. Anna also learned a great deal about the different club structures and different speaking styles from region to region. Read more

Contact: [email protected]

Boston Toastmasters Co-Vice President of Education
Jesse Welty

Jesse Welty – Co- Vice President of Education

Jesse joined Boston Toastmasters to grow professionally when it became clear that his career path will always involve language and communication. He has enjoyed public speaking in some form or another since childhood, but speaking to groups is now playing an ever-larger role his life, as he explores a career in public speaking and education.

As Vice President of Education, Jesse aims to convince you of the power of goal-setting. He is proud to have met his goal of completing his first 10 speeches in his first year as a Toastmaster. The following year, he served as club President and earned his ALB, an advanced leadership credential. Jesse later was appointed Area Director for Toastmasters District 31, Area 33. He is currently working in the Toastmasters advanced manual for Professional Speaking, and presented a workshop to more than 100 members at the District 31 Spring conference. Read more

Contact: [email protected]

Boston Toastmasters Vice President of PR
Paul Castiglione

Paul Castiglione – Vice President of PR & Marketing

Paul joined Boston Toastmasters in June 2016 to explore his passion for communication and grow as a public speaker. He completed the Competent Communicator manual in his first year and developed and led a panel discussion on human rights. Paul’s goal in his role as VP PR/Marketing is to continue to grow and strengthen the Boston Toastmasters community by better enabling members to share their unique passion with others. Paul is a digital marketing consultant and coach helping non-profits and start-up businesses tell a better story and grow their community. Another passion of Paul’s is to expand access to diverse food in Boston and opportunity for immigrants to start their own food business. He is currently building a coalition to change state regulations to legalize food sharing from home kitchens.

Contact: [email protected]

Boston Toastmasters Vice President of Membership
Rachael Downey

Rachael Downey – Vice President of Membership

Rachael joined Toastmasters because of an employer recommendation, and immediately knew it was the right place for her to grow as a speaker, leader, and individual. Toastmasters has been the perfect mix of feeling comfortable to Rachael, yet still pushing her to challenge herself in both speeches and as a leader.

Rachael attended Simmons College and graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her passion has grown to become helping children who face difficult life situations, whether physically, mentally, or both. While working part time as a waitress, Rachael works per diem as a Residential Counselor at Franciscan’s Hospital for Children in their Community Based Acute Treatment Unit. This unit works with children ages 4-14 who face mental health challenges of all sorts. Through this work, Rachael has discovered that she wants to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and is looking forward to finding a graduate program that is right for her. Read more

Contact: [email protected]

Boston Toastmasters Secretary
Cecelia Jenkins

Cecelia Jenkins – Secretary

Always eager for learning and self-improvement, Cecelia took the daunting leap to conquer her struggle with public speaking and joined Toastmasters in the fall of 2016. Working towards completing her CC manual, she finds the environment of Boston Toastmasters encouraging and supportive and already feels it’s empowered her with tools to give effective presentations and skills for clear, confident communication.Cecelia is a test cook and feature writer for Cook’s Country magazine at America’s Test Kitchen, where she creates and rigorously tests regional recipes, historical American dishes, and weeknight favorites, then tells the stories behind the ingredients and her kitchen experiences to help readers become better cooks. She enjoys seeing people enjoy food and feel accomplished in creating good meals, and strives for recipes that not only work, but are accessible, teach smart techniques, and are above all satisfying. Read more

Contact: [email protected]

Boston Toastmasters Treasurer
Evan LeCompte

Evan LeCompte – Treasurer

Evan was born and raised in New England, and is currently a software engineer, developing E-Commerce applications for Staples Inc. He joined Toastmasters in 2015 with a mind towards leadership and improvement of his speaking, and conduct within groups and organizations.To this end, Evan has seen Boston Toastmasters as a ‘sandbox’ for honing his skills and developing mastery around oral discourse. What is made available inside of the context of the club is beyond just the giving and receiving of praise by fellow members, it is beyond just the words. What Toastmasters has made available for Evan is an access to making an impact in his workplace, in his community, and on the world. Read more

Contact: [email protected]

Boston Toastmasters Sergeant At Arms
Karen Tausch

Karen Tausch – Sergeant-at-Arms

Karen Tausch joined Boston Toastmasters to develop the confidence to propel her voice to the back of the room, speak clearly, and to feel and look confident in front of an audience. She has found a strength in storytelling, inspired by her parents’ bedtime stories told in wonderful voices.

Karen is a Massage Therapist, as a second career in life. Karen graduated from Regis College and holds a certificate from massage school. She enjoys being part of Toastmasters outside of her massage therapy practice. Raised in both Lexington and Concord, she has lived in Massachusetts her whole life. Growing up, she made frequent trips to Boston to attend lectures and museums with parents. Read more

Contact: resources@bostontoastmasters.org

Boston Toastmasters Meeting Manager
Rachael Downey

Rachael Downey – Meeting Manager

Rachael joined Boston Toastmasters in August 2016, looking to improve her public speaking and leadership skills. She graduated Simmons College in May with a B.S. in Psychology (or B.A., use whichever) and the goal to work with and provide a better future for local area children.
As Boston Toastmasters’ first-ever Meeting Manager, Rachael coordinates the filling of meeting roles with new members as well as welcoming new guests to the club. Boston Toastmasters is excited to help Rachael continue her passion path of encouraging and helping others.

Photo credits: Diane Sperandio Photography

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