Toastmasters x Rotary

We’d like to extend a special welcome to our friends at Downtown Boston Rotary! Although our organizations are different, we are complementary in nature. Toastmasters are interested in personal growth and are informed and engaged with the world around them—all traits that probably sound familiar to you as a Rotarian! Furthermore, both of our clubs’ members trend a bit younger than our organizations’ average. We think our clubs have a similar culture and we encourage you to visit us on Tuesdays when you are not attending your home club meetings.

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How Can Toastmasters Membership Help You?

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  • Grow your Network
  • Enhance your Resume
  • Engage your Mind
  • Have Fun
  • Build Speaking Skills to make an impact in the world

If you are a member of Downtown Boston Rotary, we have good news for you! You can enjoy the benefits of Toastmasters without rearranging your schedule. Boston Toastmasters meets every Tuesday, but our members have the flexibility to attend as little as once or twice a month if they prefer. Have Rotary night on the first Tuesday of the month and come to Toastmasters on the 3rd.

What is the commitment (and cost)?

Toastmasters is a self-paced program, so you have the flexibility to work aggressively when you have time and pull back when you don’t. We just ask that you attend meetings at least once a month and make a good faith effort to work in the Toastmasters materials. You can fully participate in Toastmasters by carving out just a few hours each month.

Through our relationship with the Old South Church, we are pleased to be able to host our on-site meetings in a beautiful and historic location in Boston’s Back Bay, just a few T stops from Downtown Boston Rotary. You club dues cover most of your educational materials, membership in our club, and membership in the greater world of Toastmasters.

The Toastmasters dues cycle runs for 6 months. A new term begins on April 1st and October 1st.

April-September October-March

—But never fear: you can join anytime! When you join, you pay for the remaining months in the current term, plus one extra 6-month term. For example, if you joined in August, you’d just pay dues for August and September, plus one full 6-month term. After that, renewals are easy and done every 6 months.

April-September October-March

Is Now the Time to Join Boston Toastmasters?

Absolutely! During the pandemic, our club has become much more intimate and the opportunities for engagement and more personal attention have increased. If you are a do-er—or want to become one—this is the time to get involved.

In our meetings, we have pivoted to focus more on video presentation skills, the very skills we are using for work and life this year.

Our final reason to join now may be the best one of all: Our club dues are normally $75 for a 6-month term. However, because we are meeting virtually, our dues for September 2020-March 2021 are $54 for a 6-month term.