Boston Toastmasters Wins District 31 20.20.20 Contest

Boston, MA: Boston Toastmasters was recognized on the District 31 website,, for being one of the first 20 clubs to submit at least 20 member renewals by September 20th, 2015. Toastmasters District 31 comprises 211 Toastmasters clubs in Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts.

In addition to being featured on the District 31 website, Boston Toastmasters will receive a visit from one of the three district leaders, Rick Winer, Stefano McGee, or Anna Kaufman, who will formally present the club with an award ribbon for their achievement. “This is the first-ever 20.20.20 competition and I’m proud of the way our club’s officers and members have pulled together to make this one of our earliest dues renewal drives. We pride ourselves on being an innovative Toastmasters club— which is a direct result of our incredible membership and a fantastic team of officers,” club Treasurer Jesse Welty noted. He added, “There are still a number of members who have yet to renew their dues. I hope they decide to stay with Boston Toastmasters. I’m here to help with any dues-renewal questions they may have.”

The Toastmasters dues cycle runs from October 1st to March 31st, with a new 6-month term beginning on April 1st and running until September 30th. Clubs set their own policies, but Boston Toastmasters allows members to join any time of the year, with veteran members renewing in September and March.

About Boston Toastmasters:
Boston Toastmasters is a community of roughly 80-100 members who are looking to improve their public speaking skills. The club meets every Tuesday, unless otherwise announced. Boston Toastmasters’ membership includes speakers at all skill levels, with beginners and intermediate skill levels making up the majority. The club is part of Toastmasters International, which is a world leader in communication and leadership development.